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RUMOR: Will Apple Use IGZO Retina Panels for a thin iPad 3?

Digitimes recently spread a rumor that Apple will be using Sharp’s IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) flat panels instead of IPS (in-plane switching panels) in the iPad 3. IGZO panels allow high resolution displays to be more compact and energy efficient, which should lead to the device being thinner, the battery life being longer and the overall user experience to be substantially improved.

Samsung and LG were originally expected to create the retina display for the iPad 3 but reportedly have ran into continuous production problems, which is most likely why Apple decided to bring Sharp into the equation.

There have been several reports that Apple and Sharp’s business relationship is developing quite well with Sharp becoming increasingly more important in creating components for Apple products including the rumored Apple TV.  There have also been several reports that the two companies are in cahoots on a new billion dollar factory in China to create displays for new IOS 5 products.

Do you think the iPad 3 will have Retina Display? Will it be thinner then the current iPad 2?

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