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Apple TV was Hacked to Run Full-Screen iPad Apps in 720p!

Steven Troughton-Smith and Nick ( @The Mudkip ) Were able to get iPad apps to run full-screen on an Apple TV which is pretty amazing. The two of been working very hard to make this possible, and have finally figured it out. Check out the video!

The original port that enabled apps to run on Apple TV was not in full-screen. This allowed apps to run side-by-side on Apple TV but not in the best resolution possible. Since then, a solution has been figured out to run iPad applications in full-screen mode with the resolution of 720p.

This port is far from being official but it doesn’t stop us from thinking about how far this technology could actually go. It’s crazy to think that Apple hasn’t actually come up with a solution to this themselves. Seeing as how they have an app store on almost every other platform now, this is surprising that they haven’t stepped up and made this possible. Who knows maybe now that somebody’s hacked Apple TV to do something like this, they’ll step up to the plate and make an Official AppStore. If we know anything about Apple’s fashion that’s exactly what they’ll do. So here’s the 2012 and an Apple TV App Store!


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