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Could Siri Be Up For A Grammy Next Year?

Did you know that Siri can sing?  Some of you may already know this but it’s news to me.  I saw this video posted over on Scoopertino a little while ago and I had to share it with everyone.  This is too cool… Not only can Siri wake me up when I’ve over slept, remind me to pick up some flowers for my girlfriend when I’ve forgotten my anniversary, or tell me to grab an umbrella when it’s going to rain, but now she can sing me some Led Zepplin.  This is exciting… Do you think if I let her sing to me every night for a week she’ll finally tell me what color underwear she’s wearing? IDK… one can only wish.

Here is Siri’s rendition of Stairway To Heaven by Zepplin.  Enjoy.  Oh yeah before I forget, make sure to come back on Friday and check out Dom’s unboxing of his shiny new white iPad. I know he’s excited… are you?


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