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[Confirmed] New iPad Set To Go On Sale Friday At 8AM

Marc Gurman over at 9To5Mac happened to get his tentacles on a piece of retail art from Apple confirming that the new iPad will be going on sale at 8AM on Friday.  That means that all you iPad enthusiasts have a shot at getting your hands on Apple’s new tablet 2 hours earlier than usual. Although I would recommend getting there a little earlier than 8AM if you plan on snagging a new tablet before they sell out.  Shoot, there was already a couple of  kids camped outside of an Apple store Sunday in London.  Sunday!  That’s dedication baby… And I love it!  So get your tents out and put your hoodies and beanies on.  It’s time for some concrete camping, Apple style.

Did you pre-order your iPad? Or do you plan on waiting in line?

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