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[Owned] One iPad Retina Icon Has More Pixels Than the Entire 1984 Macinotsh Display!

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Today Gizmodo decided to show us just exactly how much the new iPad’s 3 Million+ Retina display (or Retina icons in general), reign King over the original Macintosh display. The original 1984 Macintosh had a 512-by-342 display. As pitiful as that may sound, at the time this was breaking technology…

Take the image above for example. Apple currently requires their developers to submit a 512-by-512 icon for use with the App Store / Devices. The crazy part is that now, one icon used for Retina display Apps is actually bigger than the entire resolution of the original Mac. Gizmodo crunched up the numbers and the memory usage for one icon today, is four times what is was in ’84!

28 years ago, a monochrome icon on the Mac was 16 x 16 pixels. It only took 32 bytes of memory. Compare to the 512 x 512 pixels of each iOS’ icon (required to go on the App Store). It takes four times the total video memory of the original Mac to represent a single icon in iOS at full size.

This just shows you how far technology has come since the first Macintosh was released…

(Actual Icon Pixel Comparison)

I would have never thought my early days of Number Munchers would one day be owned by a single iOS icon.

What’s amazing is the fact that Apple currently requires an icon to be submitted at 512-by-512 but they only display a 114-by114 icon…

What could Apple possibly be planning?

Source: Gizmodo

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