Check Out This Crazy iMac Clone!

Speaking of iMac clones… I thought Proview’s iPAD took hints from the iMac G3, but this “clone” is just straight up design theft. It’s built to look exactly like an iMac, and some noobs may  not be able to tell the difference…

If someone tries to sell you an iMac that looks like the on below, beware. This is the latest clone amongst the many Apple ripoffs. I’m not sure what the intentions of this manufacturer are but they definitely have a targeted market in mind.

This 21.5-inch iMac clone sports a 1.8Ghz processor, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, CD-ROM drive, and much more. In the world of clones, this is about as close of a contender as you can get. Apparently the company also offers the option to “laser etch” the Apple logo in the front, just like the real iMac.

You’d never be able to tell the difference unless you looked at the back and saw the noticeably different port setup. Normally an iMac has all the ports located on the back of the body, whereas this clone has them located on the underside of the body.

There’s no word if this clone is running a “Hackintosh” version of OS X or not, but I’m thinkin’ yes… I’m surprised Apple hasn’t scooped this obvious clone into the courthouse. The clone is said to be half the price of a comparable iMac.

Would you buy an iMac clone?

Source: Shanzhaiben

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