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Apple Stores Now Locking Down Devices With Special Dock Connectors

I never thought Apple Store theft was a huge issue, but I guess I was wrong. Apparently some Apple Stores are locking up their devices now to prevent shoplifting…

AppleInsider points to a new discovery of seemingly innocent dock connectors, but wait, is that a lock icon I see? Yup that’s right. These special little dock connectors lock into a device kind of like a Kensington lock would.

Once the cable is installed, it looks no different than any other USB cable. Well except that little lock icon on it. AppleInsider reports that these have been seen at various Apple Stores. Due to a low supply, they aren’t available everywhere yet.

I’m not exactly sure how easy or hard it is to remove these, but if Apple trusts them, I’m sure it’ll do some damage to an iPad if someone tried to run off with it.

I think Apple should sell these for consumer use. I could think of 1000 situations where I would use an iOS device lock like this.

Source: AppleInsider via Cult of Mac

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