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Apple Granted Patent For Rumored iPhone 5 Micro Charging Port

The rumors have come to life. Up until now, a smaller or “micro” charging port for the iPhone 5 was just a myth. Apple has recently been granted a micro connector patent entitled, “Power adapters for powering and/or charging peripheral devices.” Could this explain what we’ve seen on recent photos of the purported iPhone 5

Macworld discovered the patent late Wednesday night noting that the description seems to indicate Apple’s intentions to make a device smaller and cut down costs. The patent was initially filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 16th 2010, and finally approved on July 17th, 2012 under the new patent No. 8222773. Get it… “the new patent.”

The purpose of such a connector is noted in the patent description:

It would be desirable to remove the total number of connections made to a peripheral device so as to reduce the number of connectors and cables needed to operate the peripheral device. By reducing the number of connectors and cables, the peripheral size and the cost of the product may be decreased as well as the ease of use of the peripheral device may be improved (less cables to tote around).

I’m still a little skeptical on how my life will be with one iOS device having a different charging port. I’ve had it so easy over the past few years. I have quite a few iOS devices and the fact that they all use the same charging cable has been awesome. Apple may be getting ready to rain on my parade.

Though I may not like the idea now, fact is, if this actually does materialize we’re all going to have to accept it. On the bright side, Apple is more than likely going to once again implement this new standard in future iOS devices. But sadly, I will miss the 30-pin connector.

Furthermore, what will this mean for manufacturers? Is it going to be a difficult task to rethink/innovate new products which include the new dock connector?

A world without a 30-pin connector definitely leaves me with a feeling of uncertainty.

What do you think?

Source: USPTO via Macworld

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