Apple Flips Entire Inventory Every 5 Days

Yes you read the title correctly. Apple really does turn over their entire inventory every five days. Pretty insane if you think about how many devices that consists of…

Gartner’s Supply Chain Top 25 league table lists Apple as clearing their inventory every 4.9 days. That’s quicker than Amazon, or Coca-Cola. The only company that moves product faster than Apple is McDonalds. More than likely due to the fact that most of their food can’t sit on a shelf for five days.

Apple sits second on the list below McDonalds but 40% above the third place title taken by Amazon. Gartner’s table rates companies on a variety of aspects including their inventory turn metric, return on assets, and revenue growth.

Acording to Gartner:

…highest voting scores point to its combination of operational and innovation excellence. [Apple has] a zealous focus on starting with the consumer experience and working back through the design of its supply network, and mastery in orchestrating its end-to-end value network…

Pretty impressive Apple…

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