Analyst Predicts Apple Will Report Sales Of 33 Million iPhones and 12 Million iPads

Apple’s second quarter earnings call is right around the corner on April 24th, and according to analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray it’s going to include some monster sales numbers again. Munster has projected that Tim Cook will announce to shareholders that Apple has sold 33 million iPhones, 12 million iPads and 4.3 million Macs during the first quarter of 2012. But those predictions as a whole are a little less than what Wall Street is anticipating.

Wall Street believes that Apple will have sold 30.5 million iPhones while Munster predicts that the company will exceed that figure announcing sales of 33 million iPhones. Munster believes that the 37 million iPhones sold during the holiday season of last year is a signal of the devices growing footprint, but he believes that the more significant catalyst will be the emergence of the iPhone 5 of the new iPhone later this year.

As for iPads and Macs Wall Street predicts that Apple will announce sales of 13million and 4.4 million units respectively, while Munster believes that Apple will report iPad sales of 12 million and Mac sales of 4.3 million.

AppleInsider reports that Apple’s history over the last 4 years has shown a average of 6 percent rise on it’s revenue, and a 16 percent rise in earnings per share every quarter. If that average stays current that would put March revenue somewhere around $38.3 billion, with earnings per share at roughly $11.41.


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