WorldCard Mobile Review – Business Card Scanner by Penpower Technology

WorldCard Mobile is a very unique and innovative app. The app is very simple and easy to use yet performs some amazing tasks with the tap of your screen. WorldCard Mobile is a business card scanner that actually allows you to scan any and all of your business cards by taking a picture of them. From there it “recognizes” the information on the card you scanned and creates a contact for your device and automatically imports the contact information storing it safely as a native contact within your phone.

Furthermore, you also have the option to import a picture from your camera gallery, or paste an email signature in a textbox to scan as well. WorldCard Mobile will Recognize in seven different languages.


During the testing I did on this app I noticed it was extremely accurate and quite impressive actually. There is a very slim margin of error for the application to import all the information from a scanned card. The app itself also stores the information and a “Copy” of the business card you scanned. That being said, I recently have been able to take the stack of business cards out of my wallet as they are all conveniently stored right on my phone.


From within the app you have several sharing features as well. WorldCard Mobile allows you to share your newly scanned card through FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Text/Email, Gmail Contacts, Excel, and iTunes export. This comes in handly as you could easily share your card/information with many business professionals through your phone instead of spending money on business cards. It seems our world is coming to that point of technological advancement anyway, so why not hop on the train? The App also has native iCloud and DropBox integration, so you can safely store your cards in the clouds.


The GUI is rather basic but honestly that didn’t bother me much at all because I believe the developer wanted to keep it simple and create ease of use.  Overall, I think this app can easily replace that big stack of business cards you keep in your wallet or purse. The app is available on the AppStore for $5.99; now don’t let that price scare you… This app gets a 4-½ star rating so I am almost certain you will be satisfied and impressed. Below are some screenshots of the app itself.


WorldCard Mobile on the AppStore



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