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Frequency – Personalized Video Channels from the Web

YouTube is a great source for all things video but when it comes down to organization they lack a few components. Now trust me, I’m a YouTube fan but it would be nice if there was a way to better sort through not only what I’m subscribed to, but also what I would like to see. Frequency.com is a website that really helps break down the categorization of your interest in videos.

I was first turned on to Frequency.com when I noticed a video of ours was posted on their site. Of course I had to investigate. I went over to the site and realized there was a plethora of videos and more importantly, complete organization. Everything was broken down into specific categories. Now YouTube breaks down videos in categories, but they are limited currently to only 11 vague categories.

Frequency gives you 25 different specific categories that will deliver content to you on a personal interest level. I found this quite amusing as I could choose “channels” and categories of my liking and literally sit through an infinite playlist of videos from those channels related to what I wanted to see. You can sign up free on the site, and have the ability to follow thousands of channels tailored to your interests.

The next step in my Frequency investigation was through the App Store. I found that indeed they did have an app for iPad and more importantly (for me), it was “Retina Ready” for the new iPad, with 1080p video support!  The ironic thing is that I actually found this app not only more appealing to the eye, but easier to use then the YouTube app. It’s also important to note that frequency pulls videos in from all over the web, not just YouTube. So your content discovery is really limitless. Believe it or not, YouTube isn’t the only video platform on the web… (Surprising right?? LOL)

The Frequency app is super clean! In a matter of minutes I fell in love with the interface. There’s not much to it either. Very simple. Find a channel you like, follow it, and let the playlists begin. In some ways it’s like a StumbleUpon for videos. Frequency will take all the channels your subscribed to and give you Highlights from each channel in one playlist. It will also sort those highlight by only the popular videos from each channel your subscribed to. The app directly syncs with the site so you can also access all of this from your computer as well. This app also has Twitter and Facebook integration which will pull any videos your friends upload right to your iPad.

Final Thoughts

Overall my experience with the Frequency app has been great, and as of the other day, macmixing.com now has a channel as well. Go check it out guys and gals, it’s a free service and a free app so what have you got to lose?

You Can find Frequency right now with support for the new iPad’s Retina Display in the App Store.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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