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iOS Accessory – iRig Amplitube Fender Unboxing / Review – IK Multimedia iPhone / iPad / iPod

iRig is an adapter interface for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod from IK Multimedia that allows you to plug your guitar into your iDevice and Rock out. iRig has a super simple design and it’s so easy just about anyone could use it. Plug in your guitar on one end and your headphones or speakers on the other and your all setup. iRig has a clean and straight forward sound iRig is another piece of iOS musical nostalgia from the fine people over at IK Multimedia.

There honestly isn’t much else to say about it other than you really have to get a hold of it and test it out. IK Multimedia also makes several applications that allow you to simulate your favorite guitar tones and amps right on your iDevice.



I have had a chance to play with a couple and the one featured in the video is Amplitube Fender. This brings the sweet and rocking sound of Fender Amps right to your device. I was quite impressed by the quality tone and sound I was able to achieve by simply shuffling through the presets within the app. It didn’t take much time at all to fine tune a preset to get a sound I was completely comfortable putting on a show with.  Amplitube comes with many great features and additions including:


  • Guitar Tuner
  • Metronome
  • Multiple FX Pedals
  • Multitrack Recorder
  • Master FX

Overall iRig and Amplitube are a winning combination. I was also able to get iRig easily working with many other guitar amp simulator apps on the AppStore so even if Amplitube isn’t right for you, you know there are many other options for you. But honestly why not give it a try? there are free “Lite” versions of the Amplitube Apps available for download as well. Check out the Gallery Below.


Thanks again guys!


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