Tim Cook Is A Baller

Tim Cook could quite possibly be the most powerful man on “planet tech” right now.  He is literally the man holding the reigns to the “Post PC Revolution.”  Today Mr. Cook did his best 50 Cent impersonation by going  “Straight To The Bank” with a cool $11.1 million he recently acquired from Apple stock he sold over the past couple of days.

Mr. Cook or “TC” as I like to call him, unloaded 20,178 shares of Apple stock over the last couple of days in five different transactions.  According to an Apple filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission today the sale per share was different for each transaction with the low being $547 all the way up to $551 a share for the high.

To put TC’s worth in perspective, he was awarded one million shares of Apple stock last year which he can cash out in 2016 and 2021 assuming that he is still with the company.  Today Apple stock closed at $552 a share making it the wealthiest company in the world.  If you take Cook’s remaining pile of stock (979,822) x today’s value per share($552) that comes out to equal a lot of cheddar.



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