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This Crazy Hack Gives Your iPhone Inductive Charging But Will Certainly Void AppleCare

Have you ever heard of PowerMat cases for iPhone? The cases allow for wireless charging of your iPhone by simply placing it on a plastic pad. No 30-pin cables to plug in. Looks like someone figured out how to combine the two and made a daring tutorial/instructional video on how to do it…

WARNING: This is totally void any and all warranties or insurance you have, so please if you’re going to do this be careful!

Tanveer from YouTube is the mastermind behind this operation, and I definitely give him kudos. I’m not nearly experienced enough to try this. I’ll just wait until Apple implements their inductive charging patent, if that ever happens…

This process is extremely difficult if you have no understanding of electronics, specifically those inside of an iPhone. It requires soldering wires to specific pins on the charging port as well as modding your backplate to fit the new components. I would never attempt this. I don’t have steady enough hands to be soldering things inside of my $600 iPhone.

If you’re interested to know how, check out the video.

Seems pretty overwhelming if you ask me. I’ve done different mods on my iPhone before, but this one doesn’t even come close. It’d be nice to see someone take this idea and simplify it if possible though.

I have to admit though, I’m definitely envious of his new charging ability.

I can’t say I’ll be attempting this any time soon…

What do you think? Is this crazy?

Source: YouTube via Cult of Mac

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