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Sprint Sold 1.5 Million iPhones This Quarter

Sprint is still fairly new in Apple’s business model, but that didn’t stop them from selling a massive amount of iPhones

Granted they’re not at the level of Verizon or AT&T, but they are doing a good job catching up. Overall Sprint’s quarter has been at a loss. This is due in part to the upfront fees paid to acquire the iPhone on their network. Despite mass iPhone sales, Sprint still isn’t doing too well.

The quarterly year-over-year increase in net subsidy is primarily due to the launch of the iPhone, which on average carries a higher subsidy rate per handset as compared to other handsets. The sequential decline in net subsidy is primarily due to lower postpaid and prepaid gross additions…

Quarterly year-over-year increases in sales expenses were offset by reductions in customer care and marketing expenses. Sales expenses increased year-over-year primarily due to iPhone point-of-sale discounts (subsidy) for devices directly sold by the manufacturer to indirect dealers in which Sprint does not take device title…

Virgin Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint, also recently started selling the iPhone with a pretty good rate plan, but there’s no certain data that shows how much of Sprint’s overall sales were attributed to the pre-paid company.

Apple sold 26 million iPhones last Quarter, so in comparison, Sprint has a long way to go. I think Sprint has some of the best smartphone plans out there. It’s hard to see them failing in the market with their great rates. I currently have Verizon and I think Sprint is much better.

Source: 9to5Mac

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