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Smart Covers Alone Make Apple $2 Billion A Year!

I’m a big fan of the Apple Smart Cover. While they are a little more expensive than your regular iPad case. They provide a very minimalistic way to keep your iPad’s screen protected and adds additional functionality…

Apple sure does get rich off Smart Covers though. They could stop everything else they’re doing and still make a fortune off selling iPads and Smart Covers. The iPad Smart Cover business pulls in a whopping $2 billion a year for Apple!

Managing director of Arete Research, Richard Kramer, pointed this out at the Open Mobile Summit in London.

Apple is one of the first manufacturers to move its focus away from mobile hardware, as seen with the Ipad Smart Cover. The majority of iPad users own one of these flexible accessories, which brings Apple in a $500m fortune each quarter…

Apple makes more selling Smart Covers than some major manufacturers like Sony or LG make in revenue selling tablets. That’s a pretty lucrative business for Apple.

Do you own a Smart Cover?

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