Samsung Unveils New ‘Wallet’ Passbook Clone

Samsung has done it again. Here’s a fine example of why this company is a joke. I understand the need to capitalize on something popular, but this is just a blatant ripoff of Passbook.

Even 9to5Google feels the same way:

Samsung is today officially unveiling its “Samsung Wallet” mobile app solution, and it is quickly gaining attention for similarities to Apple’s iOS 6 ticket, card, and coupon solution known as Passbook. For those familiar with Apple’s app, Samsung Wallet appears to work much the same way.

Come on, Samsung. This isn’t the first time Samsung has been “inspired” by an Apple product. Take a look at the Wallet app’s icon next to the Passbook icon.

9to5Google reports the similarities:

As for the Apple influence, aside from the look and feel of the app and icon (pictured above), the Samsung Wallet app doesn’t seem to provide any additional functionality above and beyond what Passbook already offers.

Wow. Well, whatever. Don’t get me wrong, Apple takes “inspiration” from a lot of other popular tech, but this is literally a complete clone of Passbook. Can someone explain the differences to me?

Source: Samsung via 9to5Google

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