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Remember Tether? It’s Back! Tether your iPhone – $30 / Year!

Remember iTether or Tether? iTether was an app that slipped onto the App Store for $14.99 allowing you to tether your 3G connection with your computer back in November 2011. The app was quickly pulled from the App Store and we haven’t heard much since.

Well it’s back in the form of an HTML 5 app. It will allow you to do the exact same thing for only $30 per year, Jailbroken or not! This is pretty exciting for those looking to ditch their carriers monthly mobile tethering fee. Right now tether is running a special this week only to get the first year for only $15! That’s right, for a small fee you can have unlimited tethering to your computer via an Ad-Hoc network. The connection requires no USB cable and is fairly easy to setup. You can order Tether right now for only $15 but that half price deal is only available for this special launch week for the first year. After that Tether will go up to $30 per year.

According to Tether their:

patent pending technology works with 3G connections, is data encrypted, and that the entire experience is wireless.

So you want to ditch that monthly Tethering fee? For the price of that or the price of one jailbreak Tethering app, you can have this service for a year! Check out the video below!

Who’s signing up? I am!

Source: 9to5mac

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