Own This 2011 MacBook Pro For $200 (With EXTRA Ventilation!) [Update]

Are you in the market to pick up a MacBook Pro but just can’t get over the $1000+ price tag? If so, this just may be the greatest deal you’ve ever seen…

Yup that’s right my friends, you can be the proud owner of this battle-hardened MacBook for only $200!! What a steal, I know right. I know what you’re thinking though, this probably doesn’t work at all…

You are more than likely 100% correct! This computer probably won’t even boot and is pretty much useless, yet the seller decided it was worth a shot and posted this little guy on Craigslist a couple days ago. But hey at least it won’t have an overheating problem, as there’s plenty of ventilation (bullet holes) to let the heat out.

MacBook Pro – Core i5 2.4 GHz – 4 GB Ram – $200 (Chicago)

If anyone knows about MacBook Pro’s then you know its a beast of a computer. Its standard for business,editing movies and Djin. Speaking of Djin, I was spinning at my home nightclub and a fight brokeout and they started shooting. I hit the deck and when I came up my macbook pro got the worst of it. It was hit 6 times in the melee. So thats why I’m selling for a mere $200 (negotiable) or will even trade for a Dell or Hp. I’m located on the northside in the wicker park area. Feel free to email and we’ll go from there!


Hey look at that, he’s even willing to trade for an HP or Dell. In that case, you’d probably get a better deal anyway. You can always try to negotiate the price down a bit if you feel $200 is a little too much for this MacBook Pro. Go DJ Mike! At least (according to the picture above) he still has an iPad in working condition.

If this deal lasts long enough, you can check out the actual post here. Buyers beware, this MacBook is on sale in Chicago and I’m not sure if the seller would be willing to ship…

UPDATE: Darn. I was just about to email Dj Mike! Apparently this is a fake post. The image was taken from a TechCrunch report from back last December… Awe, oh well…

Source: Cult of Mac

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