New Retina MacBook Pro Now In EPEAT Registry

Just after Apple backpedaled on removing their products from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry, 40 products have been listed again. One of which includes the Retina MacBook Pro which ironically, was noted to be the least EPEAT friendly of all Apple products…

The EPEAT registry shows a pretty decent score for the new Retina MacBook. Funny considering it’s been noted as “the least repairable MacBook.” The EPEAT IEEE 1680-2009 Criteria Category Summary is kind of confusing.

Check out the screenshot below. Overall the Retina MacBook did pretty well, and it also received a full score in the “Product longevity/life cycle extension” category.

If the Retina MacBook is impossible or the “least repairable,” why would it receive such a high score in the “Product longevity/life cycle extension” category. Devices will only last as long as they have the ability to be repaired right?

It’s also notable that the Retina MacBook received a score of zero for both the “Materials selection” and “Energy conservation” categories.

What do you think about EPEAT and Apple’s decision to return?

Source: 9to5Mac

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