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macmixing – “Deal Of The Day” – Steve Jobs Biography By Walter Isaacson

Hey Peeps… Today’s “Deal Of The Day” is the Steve Jobs Biography written by Walter Isaacson.  Isaacson has written biographies for such legendary innovators as Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, and has also worked for Time Magazine and CNN.  The book is an in depth and personal look at his life.  It includes information collected during interviews not only from his friends, family and colleagues, but also from his business foes and even his ex-girlfriend.  Isaacson has a unique way of painting a picture of the Icon in a very truthful and unbiased light.  The book usually retails for around $35 bucks but you can pick it up here for just$17.49.

This book is a great read for anyone.  Jobs was the Einstein,  Da Vinci, and Franklin of our time.  His innovative footprint on the world will be felt for a long long time.  Our children and grandchildren will learn about him in school.

I highly recommend it.  You can pick up a copy of  it here for the discounted price of $17.49.


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