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Is Best Buy Pulling iPad 2 from shelves to make room for iPad 3?

Some of you may know, the iPad 3 ( if that’s REALLY what it’s called), is hopefully set to be announced March 7th.

The iPad 3 is rumored to have awesome features like a Retina Display and a Quad-Core processor. Well, it looks like Best Buy is doing a great job tipping us off of an incoming stock arrival. We can only assume that when Best Buy is pulling iPad 2 from the shelves this means we are definitely nearing the release of the iPad 3. Engadget has recently posted a leaked screenshot of Best Buy’s internal system to shed some light on this rumor. With the release of the next iPad due any time, we have noticed some changes being made with iPad 2 stock all over the world. Engadget would say the same…

The big box retailer has already reduced iPad 2 prices by a cool $50, apparently to make way for the big number 3, and now we’ve gotten a note from a blue shirted tipster, saddling the slate (known here as the MCQSULL/A W) with a “Deleted” status. What you’re looking at is the entry for the white 32GB model, but we’re told other models have been similarly flagged. Granted, we know that this isn’t exactly a definitive statement on Best Buy’s part by any means, but it’s certainly been a harbinger of Apple product launches in the past.

Another important fact to mention that Best Buy has also decreased the price of the iPad 2 by $50! So if you looking to get an iPad 2 you can get a good deal on it over at Best Buy’s website. Or wait until the iPad 3 comes out when hopefully they leave the iPad 2 available at a lower price point to compete with other low-price tablets!

Are you guys getting sick of all the iPad 3 rumors? Hopefully they will end on March 7th…

Source: Engadget

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