Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch Will Stream Live TV To Your iOS Device For Free

This is pretty cool. There’s a new website that streams that streams live TV shows from anywhere in the world right to your iOS device…

Free mobile TV… What??

The website uses an MP4 video format via the airplay protocol. It’s extremely easy to use to, all you have to do is pull up the site in Safari on your iOS device and select what country you’re in from the list provided and live television channels will appear to select from.

From there all you have to do is select the channel you want to watch and presto you have an iPhone/television in the palm of your hand. So whats the catch? Well the catch is that this is definitely an illegal hack, which means that you should the television networks to restrict or have the site taken down very soon.

Over at 9to5Mac there have already been reports of the link being broken. However, the site did work perfectly for me just a few minutes ago, allowing me to get my morning dose of SportsCenter in while writing this article. Dom had a different experience with the video being choppy and cutting out at times.

What’s your experience?

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