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CVS Pharmacy iPhone App Adds Virtual Loyalty Card

No one likes a key chain full of loyalty cards. Seems like nowadays every store has their own savings or rewards loyalty system. (Except the Apple Store…) While most of the time you can look up your card at the register with the help of a phone number, you don’t always want to publicly announce your digits…

Many apps are currently available in the App Store that allow the scanning of loyalty cards, or even business cards in order to keep some order to the sometimes messy situation. I remember back in the ’90s my mom had a key ring full of loyalty cards. I mean we all gotta save money right? But since the advent of the iPhone and apps, we’ve all been discovering tech savvy ways to better organize our lives.

CVS Pharmacy is the next addition to the list of app enhanced organizing. The latest addition to their app allows you to snap a picture of your Extra Care card and store it conveniently inside the app for future shopper savings.  As reported by NFC News, the new app will allow CSV customers to put their Extra Care card away for good. Simply scan your card or enter in the digits and it will be converted to digital greatness.

If your a CVS customer, I highly recommend downloading this app. The 4-1/2 star app is available now on the App Store here for FREE! The Extra Care card feature is just one of the many highly useful assets this app will bring you.

Any CVS shoppers out there?

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