iOS App Reviews – Best and Worst Apps – The Gmail App for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Today I wanted to get your opinion on the new Gmail App on the App Store. The Gmail App came out a month ago but was quickly pulled due to iOS 5 compatibility issues. Well kids, now its back, and personally I didn’t find the Gmail App to be very “life changing”. Now I know it’s free and all and for the most part I try to be optimistic and open minded about all Apps, but come on Google! It really doesn’t add anything more or better than the standard native Mail App, except a refreshed user interface. In some ironic way it’s actually more limited than the Mail App.

Now this could be GREAT for people who don’t need anything more than to check one Gmail Account, perform basic tasks, and write emails. But outside of that functionality there isn’t much else. What do you guys think about the new Gmail App?

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