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PocketLabWorks iRiffPort Unboxing / Review / Setup Tutorial – PocketAmp Review

iRiffPort is a brand new guitar interface / cable for your favorite iDevices. iRiffPort works with iPhone, iPod, and iPad. This device allows you to literally “plug and play” your guitar right on your Apple Device. iRiffPort sports a 6 foot cable with a 1/4 inch plug on one end, and a 30 pin connector on the other. Also embeded within the cable is a headphone jack, and a line out jack to record your performances into you favorite app or recording application. I had a good while to play with iRiffPort and loved every moment of it. The device has SUPER low noise and performed well with all my guitars.

Check out the video below!

iRiffPort is compatible with a lot of different Apps in the App Store, but that’s not it! The developer of this device also has some Apps to work with their device as well. PocketAmp and PocketGK are guitar and bass amp Apps that work perfectly with iRiffPort. Being an avid guitar player, I thought PocketAmp was excellent! The tone was great, the noise was low, and overall it exceeded my expectations. PocketGK is modeled form a Gallien-Krueger Bass Amps to give you an awesome tone and a signature sound right on your iDevice.

After hours of rocking out with PocketAmp, I thought I would share some details with you! AmpKit has 4 familiar selectable Cabs to choose from ranging from a Metal Setup, all the way to Clean and Blues. Each style has adjustable EQ settings with gain stages and master volume! Check out the Photos Below! There is customizable Echo and Reverb along with several other effects including:

  • Chorus
  • Flanger
  • Rotary
  • Tremolo

There is even a feature to add in songs from your iTunes library to play along with right on your device! With customizable presets and a vast amount of settings to tinker with you’ll more than likely be able to get that perfect tone you’re looking for! Another great feature of iRiffPort is that your not tethered to your device. You have a headphone jack right next to you on the end inserted into your guitar. Just don’t rock too hard or your iPhone or other device may go flying across the room.

iRiffPort is a great addition to the iDevice music community! And a MUST have for all musicians who wish to have the perfect play-on-the-go accessory!

Check out to find out more and to purchase an iRiffPort for yourself!


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