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djay 4 Review for Mac by Algoriddim

We all know Algoriddim is no stranger to DJ production apps. They have changed the Mobile DJ world forever. High quality Apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad, have brought the world of DJ’ing to all of our fingertips! djay 4 is the latest release from Algoriddim. This release is a COMPLETE restructure from their prior release of djay for Mac. djay 4 implements all of the features you were looking for that were missing in prior versions. This application was designed keeping everyone in mind. Whether you are a DJ Professional or a new beginner starting out, djay 4 can really help you step into an awesome world of fun and music.

I have to admit, when I first played with the previous release of djay I didn’t think much of it. It was cool to have it on my MacBook Pro, but that was about it. Not super convenient, and honestly most of the time I would just use the iPad / iPhone App. I’d find myself having a better time playing with the iPhone app then I would the version on my MacBook Pro. Not to say djay was all that  bad, I just didn’t feel the need to do it on my computer when I could use my fingers on my iPhone or iPad. Since this new redesign and release, all of my prior opinions have COMPLETELY flipped a 180. Sure its nice to have the app and I will never stop using that. But this Mac Based application has re-sparked my interest not only for DJ platforms, but music as well! This new version includes many different awesome features I was looking for to make the djay experience on a mac unique. The have included awesome new features like:


  • Visual Waveforms
  • Redesigned single window UI
  • Harmonic Match™: key detection and matching
  • New Audio FX: Gate, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Echo, Filter (Low Pass + High Pass)
  • New integrated sampler (with awesome built-in sample pack)
  • New loop modes: Auto, Manual, Bounce looping
  • Advanced MIDI learn
  • iCloud integration

All these features just make complete sense, and once I upgraded my copy of djay I was really stuck on my computer for the next few hours lost in a trance of music. I am not a super experienced DJ but I have a strong background in music production. Even with my lack of experience in this area, I felt djay 4 to be a fun and exciting way to explore my creativity with a small and easy learning curve. You can literally know absolutely nothing about DJ equipment and use djay to make awesome  mixes within the first 10-20 minutes of installing. It feeds directly from your iTunes library so everything you already love and listen to is directly implemented within the djay 4 software. djay 4 is a great application for Mac, and I suggest you give it a try. Great for parties, clubs, or just sitting on the couch, djay 4 is a versatile and easy to use application.  Starting at only 19.99 why wouldn’t you try it out!!


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