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How to Use DrumSpillage by AudioSpillage – Review / Tutorial

Today we are looking at a unique AudioUnit plugin called DrumSpillage. This is a virtual Drum Synthesizer Plugin that allows you to create up to 16 pads of custom drum sounds. It’s a pretty unique take at virtual drum machines. The interface was super easy to navigate and overall is VERY user friendly. If your tired of the same old drum sounds, why not create your own? DrumSpillage “really gives you the tools to be your own boss.” 🙂  Model based sounds allow you to customize and tweak just about every aspect of the specific drums sound and arrive at a place your satisfied with.

The export Feature is great. This allows you to take your own sample creations to just about anywhere. AudioUnits are compatible with a massive amounts of DAW’s out there and with the ease of use combined with the endless combination of sounds, I think this plugin is a winner.

All in all there are limitless possibilities with DrumSpillage.  I think these guys nailed it on the head with this one. Find them on Twitter @audiospillage They are very helpful and will assist you with any questions.

Check out the video Review / Tutorial below

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