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iRig Mic Review / Unboxing – High Quality Mic for iPhone / iPad

Hello guys, today we are looking at the iRig Mic from IK Multimedia. This is a high quality mic for your iDevices. From Beginner to Pro, this Mic will Blow you away. There are TONS of apps that are compatible with this mic. IK Multimedia makes some good ones that work for the mic. This mic has a GREAT build quality, that of an SM58 (Sure). iRig Mic retails for 59.99 and is worth every penny in my opinion. Our first initial test and impression of the iRig Mic was great! It has a great tonal quality to it. I didn’t do a full frequency test on it but to my ear it has similar quality to an SM58 and is even comparable to my SM7, which I usually use to record all of the video tutorials with.

Check out our video below on the iRig Mic unboxing and VocaLive review!

The mic comes with a three-way gain switch on the front for different mic positions depending on volume and closeness of the instrument or voice.

iRig Mic offers SUPER low latency monitoring via the attached dual jack on the end of the cable. This actually allows you to hear all of the effects you apply to your voice or instrument in real time as they are happening. No more stopping your record just to playback and listen to the effect you just applied…

iRig Mic works great with Amplitube, iRig Recorder, and VocaLive.

VocaLive gives you a wide selection of some great sounding effects. Pretty much anything you can think of it there. Pitch Correction, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Phaser, Pitch Shifting, and More… VocaLive gives you one track to Record your performances, and is upgradable from the in-app store to 4 tracks! VocaLive is definitely a contender in the Music app production world. A Great feature of VocaLive is the ability to import tracks from File Sharing, WIFI, or your iTunes library. Then you can record over them and bounce them as songs.

iRig Mic has many features! Some include:

  • Ideal for all vocal applications from singing to speech
  • Great for all types of sound recording or processing in music or any other audio application
  • Quality condenser-electret unidirectional capsule
  • Dual mini-jack connector allows real-time monitoring on headphones, speakers, mixers, PAs
  • Rugged, durable metal housing
  • Easy to set-up for any sound source
  • Can be handheld or placed on a standard mic stand
  • Comes with apps for singers and songwriters
  • Can be used with a wide variety of other apps

One thing we loved most about iRig Mic is that it’s built for professionals and beginners. It can be a serious musical tool if you let it. I’ve seen other mic’s for iPhone but mostly built as toys or novelties. iRig Mic stands out in the crowed. Being built like a tank and have great quality sound, makes iRig Make a winner overall in our humble opinion.

Check out iRig Mic on IK Multimedia’s website and Amplitube, iRig Recorder, and VocaLive are available now in the App Store!



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