SampleTank Review – IK Multimedia – Pro-Grade Music Tools in your Pocket!

SampleTank is Amazing. Pro-Grade sounds in such a small package! They are comparable to software plug-ins I have paid hundreds for. Which makes me realize how great SampleTank really is. With all the sound-packs installed, SampleTank is fulled with hundreds of different high quality professional grade sounds to use in recordings, live performances, or for fun. It’s amazing what has been cooked up for our friendly iOS devices. But IK Multimedia really thinks outside of the box with some of these products. Being a fan of IK Multimedia, this is by far my favorite product from them.

Some of SampleTank’s features include:

  • 4-part multi-timbral live sound module
  • Over 900 MB on-board sound library with over 400 instruments in 16 categories
  • Huge selection of melodic and rhythmic patterns for accompaniment or groove creation
  • Instruments are processed using 20 different insert FX with up to 4 simultaneous inserts per part
  • Master reverb effect with individual sends
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive mobile interface
  • Designed in concert with iRig MIDI interface for iOS devices
  • Free version also available

The samples in this app are MIND BLOWING. One other GREAT feature of SampleTank is that you can play it without a MIDI controller or any external hardware. There’s a built in Mini keyboard that allows you to play through all the sounds. Maybe you’re in a pinch and need to get an idea out of your head.

SampleTank is also filled with tons of groove patterns that you can start playing, and play along with from the onscreen keyboard. In Sampletank you also have the ability to layer sounds together and build your own grooves for live performances. This is truly a thousand dollar solution for a fraction of the price. That being considered who’d ever think something this amazing could fit in your pocket, or even on a phone! SampleTank is a perfect solution to many of my personal mobile music production needs, and I suggest getting this app and tgiving it a shot. Worst-case scenario you can download the FREE version in the app store, then fall in love and buy the full version!


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