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Music Studio 2 Review – Audio and MIDI Production -Together FINALLY! iPad / iPhone

Today we are looking at the new and improved Music Studio 2! This app is a Thunderstorm of awesomeness! Picture this, everything that was missing in every other music production app you’ve tried combined with everything that was already in Music Studio. The Midi recording capabilities in Music Studio are completely awesome. There is a large variety of sounds to choose from that come with that standard purchase of the app. You have the option to buy additional instruments but from my perspective they give you more than enough. The sounds are very high quality and are comparable to that of a Computer based sequencer.

Music Studio 2 adds native drum pads for the different kits that come with the app. This allows for easier playing when composing a song. Being able to tap a larger pad instead of a Key was a huge upgrade in my mind. If that wasn’t already awesome, they made it so you can arrange the pads in any different order you want. Simply tap the settings button and the pads wiggle around, allowing you to free move them about the screen. You can also customize your pad layout in Music Studio 2!
Let me go off a little more about the quality instruments. They don’t sound cheesy at all! They are definitely holding their own in the production category and I would gladly use Music Studio 2 on any of my production endeavors!
Each track can have different FX modules enabled on it. There are plenty to choose from including:


  • Limiter
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Equalizer
  • Amplifier
  • Filter
  • Pitch

It’s no Pro Tools, but these are certainly the basis of music production and will get any musician in the right mood to produce.
Now some of you may have played with other iPad production apps, I know I have. But when it comes to competition, Music Studio 2 kills it. The new update just enabled AUDIO RECORDING. Yea, that’s right… It’s pretty amazing that now not only can you create your own awesome beats and musical compositions but now you can even record your own vocals and sounds alongside the midi in real time. With the ability to use input monitoring and record perfectly in sync with your song, makes Music Studio 2 unstoppable! Thanks guys for adding this awesome feature that is lacking in so many other production apps!


Not to rag on Apple (cause you know I’m a fanboy…) But Music Studio 2 even gives GarageBand a run for it’s money. I honestly found Music Studio 2 more intuitive and creative than GarageBand. GarageBand may have a smaller learning curve, but let me tell you, it’s worth the time to get to know this app. You’ll never regret the purchase!
Now here’s my favorite part about Music Studio 2… It’s compatible across ALL devices! So no buying the iPhone app and then having to buy the iPad app. Just purchase, download, and sync.


Overall the geniuses over at Xewton have made a full-fledged winner! Once you pick this app up, your not putting down your device until a song is done! Check out the pictures below on Music Studio 2!



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