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How to Mix Vocals in Pro Tools – Mixing on a Mac

This is a short video tutorial on how to fix / mix vocals that have undesirable qualities about them. I use a few good methods to take a vocal track in a completely different direction with certain inserts. Mixing vocals in Pro Tools can be tricky but hopefully this will help you learn to correct certain vocals that may sound a little off to you. Sometimes we cannot always achieve the specific vocal sound we are going for. This tutorial will hopefully show you that it is possible to fix minor imperfections in vocal performances. Using the right inserts/plugins the right way will give you major improvement on anything you may record. In this tutorial I useĀ  the following inserts: CLA Vocals, RVerb, Q4, and L2 Limiter waves. I also Patched in the Vocals via insert through the Twin Finity Pre-Amp from Universal Audio (Which is GREAT and VERY VERSATILE). This audio was provided to me by youtube viewer and rapper, E Dot Dizzy, a very talented artist with a lot of potential!

E Dot Dizzy on Twitter @ThaFamousNobody


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