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How to Use Vari-Fi – Pro Tools Tutorial – Record Stop Effect

Today we are learning how to use Vari-Fi. This is an Audio Suite Plugin for Pro Tools. With Vari-Fi you can achieve a “record stop” Effect on Vocals, Music, or an entire mix. Vari-Fi is simple to use and only consists of a few buttons. Vari-Fi comes in the D-Fi bundle for Pro Tools and has many different applications. Once you ahve downloaded and installed Vari-Fi you will not find it in your standard insert menu. It willa ctually be at the top menu bar in “Audio Suite” under the “Pitch” category. This is becase technically Vari-Fi creates a gradual pitch shift of the audio you are manipulating. This plugin has been used countless times in a lot of mainstream hip/hop, pop, R&B, and Rap music, along with other various genres. In this tutorials I use a few different techniques to get a nice record stop effect with different types of audio. For more information on Vari-Fi visit the Avid website.

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