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Pro Tools 10 with iLok – Unboxing / Overiew of Software Contents

Today I recieved my copy of Pro Tools 10 from Avid. I am very excited about this as there are TONS of awesome new features within Pro Tools 10. I wanted to do a quick unboxing as many people just download their software from Avid and personally I’d rather have a box I can put on a shelf and admire on a daily basis knowing I’m rocking the awesome power of Avid’s Pro Tools 10. (and yes that was a shameless plug, but I did it for free heh). Avid sent me over Pro Tools 10 so I could make a bunch of awesome tutorials for your viewing pleasure so stay tuned for all those! I’m excited to get it all installed and I will update you guys with more info on tutorials soon!


Thanks again guys!

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