How to Use Siri iPhone 4S – How to Change Siri’s Voice or Accent / Language to Male or Female

Ever get sick of Siri being female? What if Siri could be male? Or how about from the UK? Or Australia? What if there was a way to change Siri’s voice to something you may like better? Well guess what there is! It’s actually not meant to change her voice but to change the accent’s or languages she understand. By going into your iPhone 4S settings you have the option to change the Region Siri thinks she’s in.

The only problem with this, is if your in the US and you change her voice, she wont be able to give directions or find locations because Siri will think your iPhone 4S is in a different region and currently Siri only supports US location based seaches. But non-the-less it’s still fun to play with and maybe trick your friends or something.

I just wish we actually had REAL options to change her voice. I mean, it’s okay and all but sometimes I’d rather have the voice of Chuck Norris giving me information or something haha.

Thanks again guys!

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