djay Review – Algoriddim – iPad DJ / Mixing App for iPhone / iPad

So if you haven’t heard of this app, seriously stop reading this review, put down the computer, grab your iDevice and get it now! (then read on!) djay is a comprehensive and ground breaking DJ application compatible with a seasoned pro or a music enthusiast. We first got our hands on this amazing app about a couple weeks ago. But unfortunately we were unable to post a review until now because no one could put down the iPads! I swear it was like a club non-stop for two weeks here at If you’re down to channel your inner club DJ then go grab this app. Two Jog Wheels, Sync buttons, four hot cues per song, this app has it all.


Not to mention the sweet and sexy layout. Simple yet stunning!

With no instruction at all this app could easily be figured out by anyone! I personally have used several other djay apps on iPad and Mac software such as Serato Scratch and Traktor from Native Instruments and this is definitely a comparable experience. We would love to see the app expanded to include FX settings but honestly, djay can hold its own quite nice without any of the “bloatness” of traditional DJ software. Within the application you even have the ability to record your mix and save it via iTunes file sharing!

Each virtual deck includes:

  • Loop Functionality
  • Four “Hot Cues”
  • Tempo Sync
  • Speed Slider (for tempo adjustments)
  • Master Volume
  • EQ Settings (Low, Mid, and High)
  • Album Art integration
  • Auto Cutting (with double finger touch on record)

Now you may be wondering, how will I get music to mix in djay? Well the nice people over at Algoriddim made sure this app had integration with your iDevice’s music library. Simply tap the “add music” button and all the music you have synced through iTunes welcomes you. Algoriddim’s djay also includes a “waveform” view with zoom functionality when scrolling through the track for added support when setting cue points!

The Auto Cutting feature is AWESOME! You can pretty much WOW your friends with your slick DJ scratching skills by simply “two-finger” touching the record of the track. Playing or not, the Cross Fader will Auto cut on that record in sync with the tempo creating an awesome scratch effect when you move the record back and forth. djay also includes “Automix”. This allow you to fully automate your mixing order and transitions between songs so you can “get on out on the dance floor” and shake it with your friends! You can set the auto-mix source to your entire music library or a specific playlist.

All in all djay is an amazing and innovative application for iPhone / iPod / iPad! You can certainly take your imagination to another level with simplicity, style, and fun!  Algoriddim’s djay is available NOW on the iTunes App Store! Check out the photo gallery for screenshots  of the app and it’s functionality!


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