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How Long Does The Mountain Lion Upgrade Take? Here’s Your Answer…

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Is upgrading to Apple’s latest OS Mountain Lion hindered by how much time you have? If so, these numbers should give you a good estimate on how long it will take…

Third-party Apple retailer Tekserve, recently upgraded all of their in-store display Macs to Mountain Lion. They took note of upgrade times, and were nice enough to share it. The results here definitely should that having a solid state drive will massively increase the speed of your Mac.

I don’t disagree with that. since I’ve upgrade to an SSD in my MacBook Pro, I’ve had a HUGE increase in performance. More of a noticeable increase than when I upgraded the stock 4GB of RAM to16GB. If you don’t have a solid state drive I’d highly recommend getting one. I’ve recently put up an install video to walk you through the process as well.

How long did your Mac take to upgrade?

Source: Tekserve via 9to5Mac

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