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How To Install A Solid State Drive In A MacBook Pro

Installing a solid state drive (SSD) in your MacBook Pro will make one of the biggest perceivable differences in speed. Removing and replacing a hard drive yourself is quite simple. Apple even provides instructions on how to accomplish this…

The one thing people tend to worry about is possibly voiding their Apple Care by upgrading or replacing certain components in a MacBook Pro. Don’t worry, Apple is completely fine with upgrading or replacing a hard drive or an SSD, so long as your repair or upgrade doesn’t cause other issues.

This is the same process for any of the newer model unibody MacBook Pros.

Check out the video!

The instructions to do this are even on Apple’s website. I decided to upgrade my internal HDD to an SSD and make a short instructional video on the process. Please use this as a guide, but exercise caution when attempting this or any other repairs on your MacBook Pro. Internal components are extremely sensitive so be very careful. Also make sure you’re in a clean and clear area, with plenty of time to install the drive.

The entire process should take under 20 minutes. Remember to unhook your MacBook’s battery to prevent any possible shorts in the logic board, and make sure your MacBook is powered down. Don’t be scared, and have confidence. This is one of the easiest upgrades you can do to a MacBook aside from installing new RAM.

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Crucial 256GB Solid State Drive – $203.84 (as of now)

Let me know if this helped you get your installed!

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