[Review] Ego Hybrid Series USB Case For iPhone

Ready for a hefty dose of convenience? This iPhone case may seem like a normal run-of-the-mill case, but it packs a ton of functionality. And some style…

Recently I was sent out the Ego Hybrid Series USB case for review. This case is definitely going to make my “favorite cases” list. Let me tell you why. The Ego Hybrid Series packs a removable flash drive! I

f you’re anything like me, you’ve ran into a situation where you wanted to copy something from a friends computer, or needed to backup a file at the office, but don’t have a flash drive. (Or for some reason, haven’t jumped on the cloud storage train.)

Check out the video!

This case solves so many problems I’m personally faced with on a daily basis. The flash drive built in to the Ego Hybrid’s case pops right out and is ready to stick into any USB port on any computer. The flash drives come in different sizes up ranging from 4GB to 16GB depending on the color.

As you can see above, there are two colors for each size flash drive, giving you some color selection. While the colors are limited, They seem to have a broad enough pallet to suite most tastes. They even sell the flash drives separately for those of you who like to mix things up every now and then.

The prices range between $34.95 and $49.95. If you think about it, that’s a pretty slammin’ deal for an iPhone case and a flash drive. The case itself has a matte finish, and the USB flash drive has the size indicated in print.


There’s not much to say about this case. It’s a snap-on iPhone case, that really hits the target when it comes to functionality. While it doesn’t add additional functionality to your iPhone, it definitely excels in adding functionality to real-world situations. I’ve already used the flash drive more times than I can count.

The case is stylish and for the price, you really can’t complain.


If I were to nitpick, the only thing I can find wrong with this case is how slim/thin it is. One could argue that’s a plus though. It’s definitely a plus! I just don’t see this case taking too many drops before cracking. Other than that it’s a standup case and works very well!

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using this case for a couple weeks now and it’s been a “saving grace” at least once a week. Maybe that’s just me though, I’m obviously always on the computer so I transfer files back and forth quite often. Sometimes it’s much quicker for me to use a flash drive then upload to my favorite cloud storage service. I think the case is affordable, stylish, and is unique, yet hits the mark on what I’ve been longing for in an iPhone case.

Check out the website here for more information!

You can also buy some (a limited selection) from Amazon here.

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