[Review] iFoolish – Magic Drawing Case For iPhone

Have you ever had the sudden urge to turn over your iPhone and draw a cute picture? No? Well just in case you are contemplating having such a feature at your disposal, we’ve got the iPhone case for you…

Meet the iFoolish case. It’s a simple throwback, retro, magic drawing case for your iPhone. If you think back to your childhood, you may remember similar toys. This case allows you to draw pictures on the backside of your iPhone with its “magic drawing” capabilities. Very technological.

Check out the video!

All jokes aside, the case is actually pretty cool. It’s a mildly protective case but adds a serious novelty factor to your iPhone. I’ve been using this case for quite some time now and it definitely turns heads.

Included with this case is a tiny little pen attached by a string. Using the pen you can create wonderful works of erasable art, right there on the back of your iPhone. (I may have exaggerated the wonderful part, I suck at drawing.)

But either way the iFoolish case give your iPhone a cool drawing board roughly the size of your iPhone’s screen on it’s back. There’s no battery life to worry about, no silly adapters, just a pen and a “magic drawing” board.


iFoolish is the perfect conversation starter. Someone notices the case, asks where you got it, then you can easily segue into unlimited amounts of conversation. I do enjoy the “silly” factor this case adds to your iPhone. It’s not for everyone (I’m talking about you business professionals), or maybe it is.

Either way it’s an iPhone case that adds a little “foolish” to your life, and for that I totally appreciate it! There aren’t very many features. Like most all Apple products, it doesn’t include a manual. It doesn’t need one. Just pop off the pen, draw something, then erase with the slider at the bottom. It also works in portrait or landscape mode! (That last one was sarcasm, but true…)


Well the case is made out of thin plastic, so it won’t hold up against very many drops. It’s not meant to be a very protective case, so if you’re looking for that go elsewhere.

The pen is cool but it’s literally attached by a thin piece of string to the backside of the case. Sure they offer a “dock” that the pen can lock into, but I feel that the string may not hold up and inevitably the pen will get lost. That hasn’t happened to me yet, but it’s just a small caveat I noticed.

Finally this case runs a bit on the expensive side, as an novelty product does. It’s about $31, so it is a pretty penny. But I seem to have found prices on Amazon as low as $12, I’ll put the links below.

Final Thoughts

Overall I enjoy the iFoolish case. It’s silly and brings a throwback novelty aspect to your iPhone. It’s a bit expensive for what you get, but I’m sure if you’re looking to spice up the “foolish” in your life, that price tag won’t be a problem. Taking the features, pricing, and overall design into consideration, I’d recommend it if your into the novelty aspect.

For more information on iFoolish, check out their website.

Note: The links below are from different companies than the one who sent us the red iFoolish case. We have no experience with them. I have been notified by the creators of iFoolish that the links below are fake knockoffs.

Black Magic Drawing Case ($12)

Multi-Colored Drawing Cases ($14)

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