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[How To] Upgrade RAM On A 2011 MacBook Pro

When buying a MacBook Pro, you’re faced with many different configuration options such as hard drive space, processor speed, and RAM. While some options aren’t upgradable after your purchase, a MacBook’s RAM is an easy upgrade that almost anyone can handle. It’ll also make your computer run a bit faster too…

Upgrading the RAM in a unibody MacBook Pro is a very simple task. In fact, Apple even offers a guide on how to accomplish this yourself. When you buy a MacBook Pro, Apple usually overcharges for an additional RAM upgrade. I personally could care less where the RAM comes from as long as the company is reputable.

I have since created this handy video to help guide you through the process of upgrading the RAM in your MacBook Pro. Worried about your MacBook’s warranty? Don’t be. This won’t void your AppleCare. Apple is totally fine with self-upgrades so long as the hardware you put in doesn’t cause a problem.

If the RAM you put in the MacBook somehow overheats it and causes it to melt into a puddle of hot aluminum (highly unlikely…), then of course you wouldn’t be covered under AppleCare. But for the most part, this is one of the simplest upgrades you can do to increase the performance of your MacBook Pro.

By the way, while Apple’s website states that the MacBook Pro is configurable up to 8GB of RAM it will definitely support 16GB and have your MacBook running much faster.

Want to buy a RAM upgrade? Amazon has some pretty sweet deals on them:

Keep in mind these are the 1333mhz modules. The 2012 MacBook Proa can take 1600mhz now.

8GB Kit: Corsair 16GB Kit

16GB Kit: Corsair 8GB Kit

Are you going to upgrade your RAM?

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