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FaceTime Over Cellular Available For All LTE Data Plans On AT&T

There’s big news for anyone on iOS 6 with an AT&T LTE data plan. If your data plan didn’t support FaceTime over Cellular, you’re finally in luck. AT&T has just announced that the iOS 6 feature will be available to customers on any LTE data plan.

Previously, this feature was only available to those on the new Mobile Share plan through AT&T. The good news is, this  feature will now be available to all tiered LTE AT&T customers. Of course, this change omits any iPhone 4 or 4S owners.

From the press release:

AT&T today announced it will enable FaceTime over Cellular at no extra charge for iOS 6 customers with an LTE device on any tiered data plan. AT&T will also continue to offer FaceTime over Cellular to customers with any AT&T Mobile Share plan, as well as FaceTime over Wi-Fi, which has always been available for all customers. AT&T expects to roll out this functionality to customers over the next eight to ten weeks.

As part of its commitment to serving customers with disabilities, AT&T is also making FaceTime over Cellular available to deaf and hard of hearing customers who qualify for special text and data-only packages.

Unfortunately, this still doesn’t bring any good news to those on a 3G plan or anyone holding on to their unlimited plan with AT&T. AT&T says this ability should be completely rolled out within the next eight to 10 weeks.

Source: AT&T via MacRumors

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