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[Concept] The iPod Nano Redesigned

Apple’s iPod Nano has seen many different designs over the years. My favorite was probably the 5G. It packed in a little (cheap) camera, but also had a sleek design of Apple products that we’re familiar with today.

I’m not sure why Apple has redesigned the Nano so much. Maybe it’s because they’ve been searching for a “keeper”. The latest iPod Nano is cool, but it’s terribly small and honestly I don’t find myself using it for anything more than a watch.

This new concept design has a lot going for it. It was designed by Enrico Penello and looks pretty snazzy!

The features it includes would be great. I’m not a big fan of the SUPER long design but it could serve dual functionality as a TV remote for the rumored iTV or whatever Apple wants to call it. The features in this concept include WiFi, FaceTime, a home button, which are definitely a must in my opinion. Being able to download music directly to a Nano over WiFi would rock!

If you wanna check out the full gallery for this concept redesign head on over to Yako and take a glimpse of what Enrico cooked up! I really enjoyed the detail that went into this concept. You can even see the Yellow Nano’s screen reflecting on the back of the pink Nano.  ( I’m detail oriented… )

What do you think of this design?

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