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How To Hide Apps In iOS 7

Today, I’m going to show you how to hide any app in iOS 7. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow us to delete any of the useless stock apps in iOS, but thanks to this awesome glitch, we can hide all of them. Check out the video tutorial above.

Here’s a written set of instructions from my article on AppAdvice:

As shown in the video above, to successfully hide stock apps, you’ll need to set up your home screen properly. Make sure that the first page of your home screen in completely full. Any apps (or folders) that you’d like to hide should be moved to the dock. You’ll also need to have a folder available on the first page to execute this properly.

Next, you’ll need to tap and hold on an app or folder on the dock and immediately double press the home button. Once the app switcher opens, tap on the home screen preview.

Now, you’ll notice that the app used on the dock is larger and slightly tinted when compared to the others. Open the folder on your home screen, then back out of it and press the home button. The app or folder you’ve chosen to hide will now vanish from the home screen.

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