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[Concept] Curved-Glass iPhone Wrist Computer

I love looking at concept designs. This one is pretty wacky though. I have to admit it almost puts Tony Stark’s stuff to shame. Meet the iPhone/iPod wrist-watch computer, iOS device, creepy spider-looking thing…

It looks pretty cool, I don’t know if I’d be caught in public wearing one, unless of course it was the standard and I wouldn’t look like I was from a different dimension.

The concept was created by Italian designer¬†Federico Ciccarese. He’s pretty well known around us Apple blogs for designing some pretty snazzy looking concepts.

This one is definitely out there…

It looks like some kind of creepy spider-looking device. Give it robotic legs and it would be straight out of the movie Minority Report.

Check out the galelry below…

Is this something you would buy/wear?

Source: 9to5Mac

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