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China Surpasses the U.S. For iOS and Android Activations

Mobile Analytics firm Flurry recently released a report that iOS and Android activations in China have surpassed the U.S. for the first time. Just last month Flurry calculated that China passed the U.S. for iOS and Android activations for the first time monthly, but now it seems that they have surpassed them for the first time overall.  It looks like the January release of the iPhone in China has awoken a sleeping Giant.  The fact that China has surpassed the U.S. so quickly with the U.S. having such a large head start is a testament to just how powerful a market China is and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

China is now officially the worlds fastest growing smart device market.   The amount of people in China is something crazy like 1.3 billion so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Apple has been aggressively focusing on the Chinese market as of late.  they have even included a bunch of China-specific features in their upcoming Mountain Lion release.

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Source: Flurry

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