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Caution: iPads Are Hazardous to Your Face

Next time your laying in bed holding your shiny new iPad above your face playing that intense game of Angry Birds, be sure not to drop it. The outcome of an iPad hitting your face could be harmful to your teeth.

Unfortunately a Taiwanese girl found this out the hard way…

What an epic fail… I feel bad for this girl. The young girl was laying in bed playing on her iPad like any good kid would be doing. Apparently her hands got tired of holding the iPad and she accidentally dropped it. The result was catastrophic and completely busted up her front teeth. Poor girl.

What’s hilarious is the mother was completely shocked that an iPad could actually do that much damage. You’d think being constructed of glass and metal, the iPad would be a little more forgiving when it comes to having interaction with your face. Nope…

I’m not sure what they’re saying in the video.

Let me know if you understand it and there are any funny jokes.

Confession time…

You’ve heard of face-palm right?? How about face-phone… Yes admittedly, I have also dropped an iDevice on my face. I’ve been laying in bed browsing Safari on my iPhone, half asleep, and out of nowhere… BAM! Though the results weren’t as devistating, it’s definitely something there should be a warning for. Well actually I guess it is kind of common sense. Then again, so was hot coffee… And someone managed to turn that into a million dollar law suit.

Anyone ever “face-phone’d” themselves?


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