Apple’s iSight Camera Concept With 3D Imaging And Facial Gestures Recognition

Three patent filings that showed up on the US Patent and Trademarks Office database today that Apple is looking into building a 3D camera system for mobile devices that could 3D models of scanned objects and even capture gestures and facial expressions.

The following are the three patents titles:

  • Image Capturing Using Three-Dimensional Reconstruction
  • Systems, Methods, And Computer-Readability Media For Placing An Asset On A Three-Dimensional Model
  • Systems, Methods, And Computer-Readability Media for Integrating A Three-Dimensional Asset With A Three-Dimensional Model

According to Apple the engineers credited for the invention are Brian Bilbrey, David Simon, Rich Devaul, Mushtag Sarwar, Michael Culbert, and David Gere.

Patently Apple breaks down the facial gestures recognition technology nicely:

In another embodiment, the three-dimensional imaging apparatus may be used for recognizing facial gestures. Facial gestures may include, but are not limited to, smiling, grimacing, frowning, winking, and so on and so forth. In one embodiment, this may be accomplished by detecting the orientation of various facial muscles using surface geometry data, such as the mouth, eyes, nose, forehead, cheeks, and so on, and correlating the detected orientations with various gestures.

Also here’s a cool drawing coutesy of AppleInsider of what the user interface could look like

Man, Apple sure has come a long way since the original iPhone. It’s pretty cool how they continue to pursue advanced imaging techniques. It’s scary to think what kind of imaging techniches mobile devices will have in ten years. Shoot, in ten years imaging techniques won’t even be that exciting. We’ll probably be using our mobile devices to teleport from place to place like the Jetson’s.

What do you think of the idea of having a camera on your iPhone with facial and gesture recognition?

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