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Apple’s iPod Steering Wheel Remote Control Patent

Have you ever felt it’s just way too difficult to change the song on your iPod while driving. You have to look at the screen and scroll through your music, ultimately distracting your focus on driving. If this is a problem you have, Apple might have a future solution…

An older patent discovered by PatentlyApple reveals an iPod Clickwheel attachment for the steering wheel of your vehicle. The 2011 patent looks to be a “ring” attachment that snaps on your steering wheel allowing you to control your music while keeping focused with your hands where they should be.

The device would connect to your car via Bluetooth and give you pull control to your iPhone / iPod in the car using a Clickwheel-style functionality that you may be familiar with on older iPod models.

Though this is an actual patent, it may never come to life as many of Apple’s patents never see the light of day. It’s a plausible concept though! Apple definitely has the resources and technology to put a product like this in production. Check out the patent details here.

What do you think about it?

Source: PatentlyApple

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